Circling the Lion's Den

Attempt at Tuleyevs life is prevented

On August 8, 2000 PR Center by RF FSB overspread the statement in which it was said that by the United investigation group by Russian FSB Department over Novosibirsk region and RF General prosecutors office in Siberian federal district at the operative accompaniment of Zapadny-Sibirsky RUBOP on Aug 7 both in Moscow and Novosibirsk there were executed the searches and besides the arrests of persons suspected in organization of trespass at the life of Aman Tuleyev - governor of Kemerovo region. At present there have been conducted an investigation within the framework of the commenced criminal case under the clause 277 by UK RF. Tuleyev commented this announcement so that his foes had some attitude towards former owner of Kuznetsk metallurgy combine. Thus he practically accused the leadership of MIKOM company (Kemerovo region Administration had been fighting against it for almost a year) in attempt at his life. By some data, several days before COS FSB statement there had been executed the search in MIKOMs office by the officers of Novosibirsk RUBOP.

On August 10 there was arrested a former Olympic champion on biathlon, a former governor candidate of Moscow region Alexander Tikhonov by case on attempt at Tuleyev life. He is being kept in Lefortovo. Tikhonov is a partner of Mikhail Ghivilo, "MIKOMs chief.

On Aug 11, by the same case there was arrested a brother of Alexander Tikhonov - Viktor. By the information from the law machinery, brothers Tikhonov are considered at the attempt at Tuleyev life heads. Both brothers were nailed on charge clause 277 "Offense at life of state or public person".

At the same day its appeared the information that Mikhail Ghivilo has been circulated. He is suspected that he was a customer of the attempt. A day before the arrests Ghivilo left for one of European countries. However, later this information was overturned.

On Sep 6, General prosecutor office issued a sanction at the arrest of "Mikom" head Ghivilo. "Sibirsky Aluminy" denies its attitude towards Ghivilo arrest. MIKOMs representatives connect the decision about arrest with the fact that not long ago MIKOM sold him owned shares of Novokuznetsky Aluminium plant at which ownership had pretended "Sibirsky Aluminy".



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  • 10.08.00 "Olympic champion is nailed on charge in terrorism"
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