Circling the Lion's Den


Federal agency of governmental communication and information by RF President (FAPSI )

Like its famous American analog - the Agency of National Security (ANB) - FAPSI is an exceptionally closed special service acting in the sphere of radio electronic intelligence. Officers of this department openly says only about one side of the Agency activity - informations defense - and always carefully avoid speaking about the subject of their intelligence activity. Meanwhile FAPSI - must be the most battle-seasoned Russian special service. Unlike FSB it has not incurred to constant reconstruction and reorganizations. Besides very few people realize that the strength of FAPSI officers exceeds the number both of FSB workers and SVR ones. Furthermore there are own forces in the bodies of governmental communication and information. Dont forget that now the world over the agents intelligence takes a back seat giving place to the technical and primarily to radio espionage. And this is the main FAPSI specialization owning by its satellites, foreign centers of monitoring in all parts of the world, etc.

FAPSI - is a federal body of the executive, a lower organization in charge of RF President directly. Federal bodies of governmental communication and information are the forces composition of RF security provision and they comprise the system of bodies of federal executive.

The main directions of the federal bodies of governmental communication and information activity according to the law are:

  • organization and provision of use, security, development and improvement of governmental communication, other types of special communication and systems of special information for the state bodies;
  • safety provision of state secrets within the frameworks of its competency;
  • organization and provision of cryptography and engineering security of codifying communication in Russian Federation and in its enterprises abroad;
  • organization and conducting of external intelligence activity in the sphere of codifying, secret and other types of special service with use of radio electronic means and methods;
  • provision of the superior bodies of Russian Federation state power, central bodies of federal executive, Russian Federation Council of security by the reliable and independent from other sources special information (materials of the external intelligence activity, information on the support of national economy management in special period, war-time and at extraordinary situations, economic information of mobilization purpose, information of social-economic monitoring) essential to them for arrival at decisions in the sphere of security, defense, economics, science and technics, international relations, ecology and besides in mobilization preparedness.

Address: 4 Bolshoy Kiselny Per., 103031.

General director - Matyukhin Vladimir Georgievich

First deputy director - Korichnev Valery Vasilievich

Deputy- stats-secretary- Shankin Yury Petrovich


  • Alferov Alexander Pavlovich
  • Mitrofanov Sergey Vasilievich
  • Kiselyov Boris Valentinovich - general director deputy - general designer of legal informatization of Russia
  • Pyarin Viktor Anatolievich

Center of public relations:

Chief - Ulanov Alexander Borisovich, telephone: (095) 208-1974