Circling the Lion's Den

FAPSI history

By some data, FAPSI was created on basis of two KGB departments - 8th and 16th. 16th department specializing purely at electronic intelligence was founded in 1969 by Schelepin under the guidance of Nikolay Nikolayevich Andreyev. In 1973 Andreyev was replaced by major-general Igor Vasiliyevich Maslov. The department was working in a close contact with 16th PGU department (external intelligence).

Structure which just took priority of FAPSI was Committee of governmental communication by USSR President appeared while division of KGB USSR after the August putsch.

On Oct 10, 1991 President Gorbachev approved the Condition on Committee of governmental communication which was determined as union and republican committee.

A list of ultimate service ranks of the Committees leaders and presented disciplinary rights was enclosed to the Condition.

On Dec 24, 1991 by Russian Presidents decree was created Federal agency of governmental communication and information by RSFSR President on basis of Committee of governmental communication by RSFSR President. A.V. Starovoytov was appointed FAPSI general director.

Makarov Vladimir Viktorovich became a first deputy - head of department on work with personnel. Major-general Kuranov was appointed deputy director.

On Feb 18, 1994 lieutenant-colonel Kiselyov Boris Valentinovich, general designer of legal informatization of Russia became FAPSI deputy director.

FAPSI Emblem was specified only on Mar 15, 1999 by RF President decree No. 338.

On Feb 21, 1994 headquarters of information resources (GUIR FAPSI) was created in FAPSI compound on basis of the abolished Department of information resources by Presidents Administration.

Levchenko Vladimir Alexandrovich became its head and previous he had a post of first deputy head of UIR. On Dec 16, 1994 UIR was handed to the Presidents Administration and renamed into the Department of informatization and documentation provision of the Presidents Administration.

Federal center of economic information defense by FAPSI was created on Apr 3, 1995 by the Presidents Decree No. 334 "On measures concerning law compliance in sphere of development, production, realization and use of codifying means and besides services provision in sphere of informations codifying".

By 1990 besides a headquarters located at Dzerghinsky square at the main KGB building it had a computer complex in the center of Moscow and a large research laboratory in Kuntsevo, at 15 km distance from Yasenevo, to north-west.

On Dec 7, 1998 by RF President Decree Sherstyuk Vladislav Petrovich was appointed FAPSI general director who had performed the duty of a head of 3rd Headquarters by the Agency (radio electronic intelligence).

On May 31, 1999 by RF President Decree Sherstyuk was replaced by Matyukhin Vladimir Georgiyevich, a specialist in sphere of information protection means.

History of cryptography (codifying and decode) service and radio intelligence bodies:

  • Special division of VChK Jan, 1921 - May, 1921
  • Special division by VChK May, 1921 - Feb, 1922
  • Special division by GPU Feb, 1922 - Nov, 1923
  • Special division by OGPU Nov, 1923 - Jul, 1934
  • Special division by GUGB NKVD USSR Jul, 1934 - 1936
  • 9th division of GUGB NKVD USSR Dec, 1936 - Sep, 1938
  • Special division by NKVD Jun - Sep, 1938
  • 7th division of GUGB NKVD USSR
  • 5th special division of NKGB
  • 5th special division of NKVD Jul, 1941 - Nov, 1942
  • 5th Department of NKVD Nov, 1942 -
  • Fifth department of NKGB
  • Sixth department of MGB May, 1946 - Oct, 1949
  • Seventh department of KI
  • Headquarters of special service (GUSS) by CK VKP (b) Oct, 1949 -
  • Headquarters of special service (GUSS) by CK KPSS - Mar, 1954
  • Eighth department of MVD USSR Mar, 1953 - Mar, 1954
  • Eight Headquarters of KGB by SM USSR Mar, 1954 - Jul, 1978
  • Sixteenth department of KGB by SM USSR
  • Eight Headquarters of KGB USSR Jul, 1978 -
  • Sixteenth department of KGB USSR
  • Federal agency of governmental communication and information (FAPSI) by RF President
  • Headquarters of communications security (GUBS) of FAPSI
  • Headquarters of radio electronic intelligence of communications means (GURRSS) of FAPSI


  • Association of special services historians by A.H. Artuzov