Circling the Lion's Den

Federal service of RF tax police (FSNP )

Tax police now hardly outraces FSB on its apprising and consequence. The question is that the counter-intelligence in Soviet time was powerful by no means of the secret Shtirlitz (ahero-intelligence form a popular Russian film), "inflated" members of "Alfa", professional "spotters" and etc. The main power of KGB was presented by the large army of voluntary informers who were attracted by a possibility of unpunished damage of the life of almost each USSR citizen by hands of KGB. Today there is not an incentive to inform this special service - now FSB is not able to spoil the career to a loveless man of wealth or to an above measure purse-proud relative.

However our vigilant fellow citizens are not left without a thoughtful and thankful listener. The place of KGB has been taken by FSNP. Very few will come to the scratch to quarrel with this organization: everybody has some peccadillo on non-payment of taxes, its better not to risk. Since the time of its foundation in March, 1992 the tax police continues to accrete by full powers like a shot. Already on July 02, 1992 the tax police - at that time it was still the Headquarters of tax investigations - got the right at intelligence-retrieval activity, and in September, 1992 the officers of tax police got the right at bear arms, use of special means and physical power. In 1995 this service was allowed to carry out the prejudicial inquiry and after this in the compound of FSNP there was created a special unit for organized crime control. The department gained the offingto get information from abroad: tax police signed the agreement on information exchange with the analog services of different countries including the outer foreign ones. Besides the tax police in affect began to control its "parent" - State tax service (Gosnalogslughba - GNS) - by instating the right to carry out the tax inspections after GNS inspections. As a natural special service the tax police can intrude its action officers into the enterprises for the essential information getting and besides to encourage the informers as it has the right to pay up to 10% from the non-paid sums to the budget to the informer. Tax officers has the right to receive any information concerning the subject who they are interested in (including the information constituent the official and commercial secrecy) from the bodies of power, banks and so on. At the beginning of 2000 a further expansion of FSNP rights supervened.

Under the law "On federal bodies of tax police" the federal bodies of tax police are the law machinery and the element of forces which provide the economic security of Russian Federation. FSNP comprises the number of Russian special services.

The tasks of federal bodies of tax police are the following:

release, prevention and suppression of tax crimes and offenses. About other economic crimes released within this activity the bodies of tax police are to inform the appropriate law machinery;

security provision of state tax inspections activity, protection of their officers from unlawful entrenchment on their duty;

prevention, release and suppression of corruption in tax bodies.