Circling the Lion's Den

Special operation in a village of Borozdinovskaya: 11 victims

On June 4, 2005, 70-80 soldiers of the special battalion Vostok (East), in two armored personnel carriers, three armored Ural trucks, six-eight UAZ jeeps and passenger motor vehicles,, arrived in the village of Borozdinovskaya (the Shelkovskoj Distric) at 3:00 PM to perform a sweep operation (zashistka). Vostok is part of the 42nd Russian army and is comprised mostly of Chechens. According to eyewitnesses, the operation was led by Khamzat (Hamzat) Gairbekov, also known as 'Beard,' who was the Vostok unit's intelligence chief.

Between 3:30 PM and 8:00 PM, the soldiers detained 11 people "suspected of having committed crimes": Abakar Aliyev, Magomed Isayev, Ahmed Kurbanaliyev, Magomed Kurbanaliyev, Eduard Lachkov (an ethnic Russian), Ahmed Magomedov, Ahmed Magomedov, Kamil Magomedov, Said Magomedov, Shakhban Magomedov, and Martukh Umarov. All of them have not been seen since.

A 77-year old man was killed, later found either gunned down or burnt alive, and about 200 men were also rounded up and herded into the local school's sports hall, where many were severely beaten. Four private homesteads were burnt down and cars, money, and other valuables were stolen from the village.

Many residents left Borozdinovskaja for Dagestan. In June 2007 they hold a 300-strong protest action in the Kizlyar District of Dagestan.

The residents of the village are categorically against returning home and demand to inform them about the fate of their eleven missing fellow countrymen, allot land plots and pay out compensation for their lost housing facilities and property, the "Interfax" reported then. Even two years after the "zachistka" in the village , the identified organizers of the tragedy remained unpunished, while the truth was concealed from the victims - their requests and petitions remained unanswered. This was the topic of an official statement of the Committee Against Tortures.

Agentura.Ru, June 16, 2011