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Said Buryatsky eliminated

On March 2, 2010 Alexander Tikhomirov, known as Said Buryatsky, has been eliminated in a special operation in the Russian Republic of Ingushetia. He was killed in the village of Ekazhevo in Ingushetias Nazran district during a major Russian joint siloviki operation that involved units of the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Interior ministry and Defense ministry, targeting militants discovered in the home of the Kartoyev family.

Besides arms and ammunition, the special forces confiscated about 450 kilograms of ammonium.

Over the course of the two-day operation, four Kartoyev brothers were killed: Tukhan, Nazir, Akhmed and Magomed. Several more brothers Tarkhana, Tatarkhana and Beslan were detained. Additionally, two other village residents were killed, presumably the Dobryevs. According to eyewitnesses, all three houses of the Kartoyev brothers were destroyed. Two residents of the village were detained Yakub Aushev and his son. Eyewitnesses report that gunfire was returned only from the Dobryev house, where a firefight broke out between the occupants and members of the security services (, March 3).

Alexander Tikhomirov was born in 1982 in Russian Republic of Buryatia, in 1997 he turned to Islam, in 2000-2005 studied Sunni Islam in Madrassas in Egypt, Yemen and Russia. In 2008 he joined militants in Ingushetia, subordinate to warlord Doku Umarov. Personally participated in organizing several terrorist attacks in the North Caucasus and Russia. Tikhomirov was also thought to have been a suicide bomber himself on August 17, 2009, when a small truck loaded with allegedly 400-1000 kilograms of explosives broke into the territory of the Nazran police department and exploded there, killing 25 and wounding 250 police officers. Two days later, though, Said Buryatsky personally refuted the news, saying it was not him, which means he had sent another militant to die instead of him in the Jihad he preached.

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